Gravel Stone Contractor

Are you interested in having your driveway or patio done with gravel stones? Complete Paving can you help you with that. We have installed 100’s of gravel stone driveways and patios over the years. Gravel stone is one of the faster and cheaper solutions, especially on large scale driveways. It can be installed in a matter of hours and leaves relatively little mess in the process.


Gravel stones come in a large variety of sizes and colours. This means you can choose something that will blend in with your house or patio nicely.

Gravel Stones To Suit

Gravel Stones Come in A Variety of Colours and Sizes

The size of the gravel stone depends on what type of traffic you anticipate having on it. For example if its only foot traffic, you can install very fine gravel stones without worrying about damaging them. However if the driveway is going to be having cars and heavier traffic like it, you will need to pick a substantial larger gravel stone in order to make sure it does not get damaged by vehicle traffic.


Let Complete Paving help you with your choices. We can come out, give you a free quotation and help you choose what size and colour would best suit the area your thinking of using gravel stones on. Call direct on: MOBILE:  085 8486475